How Do You Know If Your HVAC Repair Company Is Trustworthy?

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Trustworthiness is an essential quality with any contractor you hire to perform installation, repair, building or upgrading work in your home, a quality that you need to check before hiring any type of specialist, HVAC repair companies included. Here are some features to check to determine how reliable your contractor is:

  • The willingness to provide written cost estimates – a trustworthy contractor is not afraid to put the parameters of your project on paper, so only work with a specialist of HVAC Denver CO services that is willing to provide such a written estimate;
  • Licensing and insurance – most states require HVAC contractors to obtain a state-issued license and to be insured to be able to work legally. Ask the contractor to provide proof of both documents – they are essential for your safety and piece of mind as a client;
  • Check the contractor online – if there were any complaints against your contractor in the past, you will surely find out about the issue with a quick online query. Just enter the name of the contractor into your browser and check the review sites and forums on which the name appears – you find out a lot about what the contractor’s previous clients think about the services they received.