How Do I Know If My A/C Unit Needs Replacing?

old air conditioning unit should i replace

You’ve had your air conditioner for some time now, and it has done its job properly. But is it time to start looking for a new one? Ideally, you should be prepared to have it replaced by a Denver air conditioning company before it completely breaks down, especially since summer is coming.


Here are some of the warning signs that your A/C unit is approaching end of life and needs replacing:


  1. Strange Noises

Have you started hearing unfamiliar noises from the outdoor compressor or indoor unit? The most common warning noises are squeaking and chattering noises. They are surefire signs of impending breakdown or complete failure of a key part of the unit.


  1. Inadequate Cooling and/or Airflow

Another sign of imminent breakdown of the A/C unit is when it is no longer able to cool the room as it used to. Also, if the airflow is significantly reduced from its original capacity, that is another warning sign. However, it is also possible that these issues are due to clogging and can be fixed. Thus, the sooner you call a maintenance technician, the better.


  1. Moisture Buildup

A/C units generate a little moisture, but it should not be noticeable. But if you notice condensation or even leaks around the unit, it is the telltale sign of a refrigerant leakage. This issue is not only inconvenient, but also a serious health hazard, as moisture can nurture mold and fungi.