How a Well Maintained AC and Furnace Can Help Slow the Spread of COVID

shield against covid 19 ac protection

Despite the fact that the COVID pandemic is still not fully understood, scientists have agreed that it is generally spread through the air. According to most studies, it is transmitted when those infected cough, talk or sneeze closely. In other words, it is spread through droplets of this virus which get mixed in saliva or mucus. But the question remains whether the coronavirus particles can actually be transported over long distances.

Because it is generally suggested that the virus may also travel long distances, homeowners and building managers do their best to improve ventilation and limit spreading the disease.

A very good initiative in this respect is that of introducing more complex, pressure-sensitive control systems, which permit adjusting the airflow in a smoother manner.

At any rate, it may be useful to take into account certain specific measures for your AC and furnace, by which you can help prevent or at least slow the spread of this illness. Maintenance procedures must be followed properly, and keeping your devices clean is an essential part of the whole process.

As for cleaning and disinfecting your HVAC systems, some components require the use of fogging and fumigating, for instance. But this is usually done in laboratories or specially designed areas.  For professional help look to