Understanding The Warranty On My Furnace

HVAC system warranty contractors tips

When you buy a furnace and have it installed by HVAC contractors Denver employs for your home heating system, you typically receive a warranty from the manufacturer. At the same time, the HVAC contractor you decide to work with may also provide you with a warranty. And if you feel the need to add some extra protection to your HVAC, you have the option of purchasing an extended warranty.

Issued by the equipment’s manufacturer, a manufacturer warranty covers the product in case it has issues over a certain period of time. Thus, it covers the replacement parts that get damaged within this period.

A HVAC contractor can offer you installation warranties. This covers the furnace installation performed by your HVAC technicians and is valid for a certain amount of time. This warranty covers the damages that are related to furnace installation only. Each contractor may have different warranty terms, depending on the brands they work with.

While a manufacturer warranty comes together with the purchased product, an extended warranty needs to be bought separately. This adds years of coverage to the initially purchased manufacturer warranty.

At any rate, when acquiring a new furnace, it is highly recommended that you carefully read through all the terms and conditions of its warranty.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Furnace?

HVAC Companies Furnace Lifespan

Every product has an expiration date. As far as furnaces are concerned, it would be useful to know exactly the time period for which they are estimated to work properly, while also knowing a few things about increasing their longevity and functionality.

Although some furnaces can last for 40 years, the average lifespan of a furnace is that of 15-30 years. If you do the yearly maintenance, your furnace should last longer than 15 years.

The longevity of a furnace depends on certain factors. First of all, it is the furnace model that influences its durability. Newer models typically have longer lifespan than older models.

The frequency and quality of furnace maintenance by HVAC companies such as Pasterkamp also determines its lifespan. A yearly maintenance can help you keep your furnace clean and working properly.

The level of moisture and type of ventilation also determine how long your furnace will work properly. Humidity can cause rust-related issues. At the same time, a proper installation can certainly add years to your furnace. A defective installation can lead to efficiency-related issues, such as comfort level, air distribution, premature breakdowns, and so on.

For more information about the exact lifespan for your furnace, there certainly are many experts in your area who can give your proper guidance.

Air Duct Cleaning And How It Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality

HVAC Company Air Duct Cleaning

Dust, mold and pollen that are constantly circulating through the air can decrease air comfort and even cause naughty allergies in people who live or work in that space. Sometimes, as shocking as it may sound, indoor air can be up to 70% more polluted than the air outside. Do not risk any health issues for you or the others and schedule periodically air duct cleaning operations.

The benefits of cleaning air ducts

Whether you want to improve the air quality in the room, save money on energy or ensure a cleaner and healthier work environment for your employees, cleaning the ventilation ducts can make a significant difference in the environment indoors. Air duct cleaning brings the following benefits:

  • Better health of people who live or work in the building
  • Removal of symptoms related to poor air quality (allergies, cough and sneezing)
  • Increased productivity
  • Low costs of health care
  • Increased efficiency of your HVAC system

Cleaning the air ducts removes accumulated dust and debris, which eases the airflow and increases system efficiency. Follow these signs that suggest it is time to call a professional:

  • Your system`s air ducts are contaminated with dust, spider webs and other debris accumulated in time
  • Mold and dead insects are visible on the inner surfaces of the ducts

If you see any of these signs, or it has been a long while since the last cleaning of the air ducts, call a specialist, start with https://pasterkamp.com!

Is Your HVAC System Making Noise?

HVAC Contractors Repair HVAC Noise

When the air conditioner makes noises, it can be terribly annoying! Such a disturbance of the indoor peace and quiet may give you headaches, especially when you work from home or when you want to rest or sleep. But what really should bother you is the nature of this noise, therefore hiring HVAC contractors Denver has to identify its causes should be a priority.

Certainly, the problem is somewhere in the system, so you need to take action as quickly as possible! An assessment should be made by a professional HVAC technician, to identify potential problems of your system that must be fixed, so that your comfort is restored. Ignoring a HVAC system that makes noises will only worsen the problem.

Here are some possible reasons why your HVAC system may sound like the engines of a rocket that is about to take off.

Fan problems

If the ventilation system inside the air conditioning unit is dirty, it will start to make some noise similar to rotating a propeller. To prevent such a problem, all you have to do is clean the air conditioner and take care of its constant maintenance. Open the unit cover, identify the fan and clean it thoroughly. Also, see if there are other foreign bodies that could have entered there, and remove them.

Some screws are lose

Fortunately, this problem is very easy to solve with the help of a regular screwdriver and you will be lucky if this is the only cause of your noisy HVAC system.

How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

Question How Often To Change Furnace Filter

The correct use of a furnace is not only limited to its optimal setting for hot water and heat, summer or winter. The efficiency of a HVAC Denver CO system depends greatly on the way it is maintained as well as on smart investments that keep away harmful external factors. Among the most well-known enemies of a furnare are limestone deposits and other residues from domestic water.

How can the proper functioning of a furnace be protected from the non-beneficial action of these factors? A furnace has 4 filters: gas filter, Y filter, household water impurity filter and magnetic filter for limestone deposits

Depending on the type of filter, its properties and the indications of the installer, it should be changed every 2 years. In most cases, the indications for changing the filter are made during the annual inspection, guided by a specialist. However, they can also be cleaned at a fixed time interval (in some filters, cleaning is recommended every three months), with the frequency indicated by the installer.

Filters and faucets must also be replaced when you replace the old boiler with a new one. If you want to protect your boiler and help it operate at an optimum level for as long as possible, it is advisable to consult with a professional regarding the type of filter that fits your boiler. At the same time, you can save about 30% of the possible costs with the repairs.

The Benefit To Energy Efficient Heating And Cooling Appliances

Pasterkamp Heating And Cooling Efficiency

Energy efficiency is, first and foremost, a necessary and profitable investment, whether we are talking about homes, office buildings, hotels etc. An energy efficient building is one that consumes as little electricity as possible for lighting, heating and cooling, having implemented measures that reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Both the owner`s budget as well as the environment largely benefit from the use of energy efficient heating and cooling appliances.

At national and international level, the concept of green buildings has become one of the main preoccupations of builders and developers, from an ecological and economic point of view. Companies nowadays constantly look for resources and solutions for maximizing and capitalizing on the energy efficiency.

What benefits do you have if you choose to equip your home with energy efficient heating and cooling appliances, to achieve an overall high level of energy efficiency?

First of all, you benefit from increased comfort, both in summer and in winter, without increasing the energy consumption. In addition, you will reduce your monthly costs, by lowering your energy bills.

Most of the latest generation products on the market have characteristics that can bring substantial reductions in energy and maintenance costs. They are usually included in certain energy classes, such as A ++, and use less electricity, in the short and long run.

For heating and cooling look to the professionals at https://www.pasterkamp.com.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Outdated Appliances?

Furnace Repair Covered Under Home Owners Insurance

Homeowner insurances may cover some appliances that stop working because of certain types of damage, but these are mostly build-ins, such as water heaters or furnaces. For most other appliances, you only benefit from their warranty – which can be standard or extended, depending on what you have opted initially. However, even in this case, some parts of the appliances may be excluded from the warranty and you may end up paying good money good money for repair.

Also, if an appliance for which you would normally get compensation from your insurer breaks because of old age or poor maintenance, you are most likely on your own. Insurances and warranties typically cover only inadequate products and defects caused by natural disasters or accidents that were not caused by the owner.

If you are not sure about what exactly is covered by your policy, you should talk to your agent. Maybe he/ she will also be able to suggest you a type of policy that provides at least some coverage for your appliances, if you really need it. But generally, the best thing is to use your appliances carefully and responsibly, according to the manufacturer`s indications and to schedule regular furnace repair Denver CO maintenance, as this is the best way to increase their lifespan.


Is A Gas Or Electric Furnace More Efficient?

Furnace Burner Repair

Furnaces are equipments that provide hot water and thermal comfort in several points of consumption, from a single source. The choice of a certain model must be made according to the thermal needs (points of hot water consumption and volume of space to be heated), the type of fuel, the acquisition costs and the operating costs.

Gas furnaces

Gas furnaces have the advantage of using one of the cheapest conventional fuels. If the building where we want to install a furnace is connected to gas, you should probably opt for a gas furnace, which can be classic or condensing. The latter has an extremely high efficiency.

A gas furnace offers the advantage of a comfortable operation because it requires minimal maintenance and cleaning, as opposed to installations that operate on other fuels.

Electric furnaces

An electric furnace is a fast and efficient heating solution. It has an affordable price and can be installed by Denver furnace repair experts extremely easily. With this type of furnace, we will get exactly as much power as stated by the manufacturer. This is due to the fact that an electrical resistance manages to convert an electrical kW into a thermal kW in proportion of almost 100%. Thus, we can easily get an idea about the monthly electricity consumption used by the furnace.

Winter Furnace Maintenance

Winter Furnace Repair

Preparing your furnace for the cold season involves identifying possible defects that can lead to accidents: checking the heaters (they must not be covered, otherwise they may cause fires), checking the gas and water supply as well as their pressure, checking the batteries from the thermostat, checking valves from radiators, as well as the pipes and the exhaust flue, cleaning of the filters and scheduling professional periodic inspections.

Winter furnace maintenance brings the following benefits:

Reducing the risk of malfunctioning

If you carry out the necessary maintenance operations, you will reduce to zero the chances that it will fail when you need it most. The furnace repair Denver CO maintenance services has the purpose of ensuring the good functioning during the cold season and long after.

Optimization the fuel consumption

There are several tricks that can help you optimize the consumption of your furnace. One simple but effective solution is shutting down the furnace when no one is home. However, if the outside temperatures are extremely low, you can set the thermostat to start at lower temperatures than when you are at home. This way you can be sure that the furnace will start periodically and exclude the risk of freezing pipes..


The Inconvenience of Furnace Repair During Winter and the Importance of a Reliable Contractor

Reliable Furnace Repair Denver

Making sure your furnace is able to tackle the long winter that lies ahead might be one of the most significant choices you can make this winter. There are a few very important reasons why it’s a good idea to find a contractor to examine and repair your furnace before the winter freeze arrives:


  1. First of all, it will be highly inconvenient and possibly even dangerous to stay without a working furnace for long during the winter. Even though your home might provide some shelter, you and your family members could easily get sick if you’re exposed to the cold for a longer time.
  2. The winter freeze will also make it difficult to work on the furnace, and the service itself will be quite expensive.
  3. There’s always the risk that your entire furnace might have to be replaced, which can cost a lot of money. It can be hard on your finances to prepare for such a drastic turn of events unexpectedly, in the middle of the winter season.


To avoid all these problems and make sure you get your furnace running properly, find a dependable Denver furnace repair local contractor who knows all about your furnace, and have them come over and perform all the necessary repairs or maintenance checks as soon as possible – preferably before the winter freeze hits.