Have Critters Infested Your HVAC System? Here Is What to Do

Critters In HVAC System Call Air Conditioning Expert

Your HVAC might have survived the summer without being invaded by insects, rodents, birds and reptiles, but when outdoor temperatures drop, all these creatures will start looking for warms and many of them can eventually find your HVAC system a suitable home. If you suspect that critters may have infested your HVAC, here are some great methods to get rid of them:

  • Rodents – mice, rats and other rodents are dangerous because they not only build nests in the HVAC, they also chew and damage the ducts and the other components, causing serious and difficult to detect faults and their saliva, feces and urine can spread diseases. You can try traps and other, traditional methods to drive rodents away, but they can be very stubborn, so be prepared that you will eventually need to call a professional service to solve the problem;
  • Insects – they can also spread diseases and they multiply very quickly. It is not recommended to use any fumes or repellent sprays in HVAC systems, so again, the best way to ger rid of the bugs is by calling a professional pest control company;
  • Prevention – once you get rid of the nasty critters, make sure to seal all the ducts, install screens over the openings and get the system checked regularly to prevent another invasion.  Call a Denver air conditioning expert and have them do a thorough inspection of the entire HVAC System.