Furnace Installation in Denver: Expert Services for a Warm and Comfortable Home

Warm and Comortable Home Heating Furnace Installation

Furnace installation is certainly not a process that can be performed by your average homeowner. In fact, you’ll find that there are strict rules regarding licensing and certification, and the standards for Denver HVAC companies are quite high when it comes to following proper standards and building codes.

To start off the installation process, HVAC experts will inspect the area where the new furnace will be installed to ensure that it is suitable and meets the manufacturer’s installation requirements. The old furnace will be removed carefully to prevent damage to the ductwork and other components.

The new furnace will be installed and connected to the existing ductwork. As HVAC professionals carefully do so, they will ensure that the new furnace is level and properly secured. The electrical connections will then be made, including connecting the furnace to the thermostat and circuit breaker.

If the furnace is powered by natural gas, your HVAC contractor will have to make sure the gas connections are secure and that there are no gas leaks. The furnace will therefore be thoroughly tested to ensure that it is working properly and efficiently.

Finally, your HVAC experts at https://pasterkamp.com will calibrate the system and the thermostat to ensure that it is providing the correct amount of heat for the space. Once the installation is complete, they will perform a final inspection to ensure that everything is up to code and that the system is working properly.