Freon Maintenance Tips

AC Conditioning Technician Checking Freon Levels 

Freon is a non-combustive gas used in air conditioning units. It is a refrigerant gas, meaning that it reduces the temperature of the air. As summer is just starting, you should make sure that your A/C unit is working properly.


Here are some simple Freon maintenance tips:


  1. A/C Units Do Not Use Up Freon

Freon is not a fuel for Denver air conditioning systems. Thus, you should not have to refill it on an ongoing basis. You may receive fliers claiming that it’s time to recharge your A/C with Freon – they are the work of scammers.


  1. Check for Leaks

If your air conditioning system does need a Freon refill, then it has a leak somewhere along the ductwork. You should identify it as soon as possible, because Freon is not safe for your children or pets and you should remove it as soon as possible.


  1. No Cool Air? Check for Other Problems

If your A/C unit does not blow cool air into the room, the problem is not automatically low Freon level. You should start by checking the thermostat, to see if it is working properly and displays the temperature you set.


Another problem could be clogged air filters (especially if you can also feel a bad odor). A HVAC technician will quickly identify the true problem. If, indeed, your A/C unit needs a Freon refill, they will be able to do this in no time, after solving the leak and other issues.