Essential Tips to Choose the Right Type of Heating System for Your Colorado Home

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Colorado has a unique climate that’s very dry and features warm summers and pretty cold winters. As the freeze sets in, it’s very important that you get the most effective type of heating system for your home, as the alternative could involve overusing your HVAC and having to pay a lot of extra money to keep even the key areas of your home at a practically viable temperature.


The first thing to consider is that in Colorado it’s very important that your home be properly insulated and that the HVAC system you’re using – along with all the accessories and secondary systems it features such as vents and ducts – should be entirely new. Added insulation also helps to ensure that your home is properly protected against the unforgiving cold. Statistics show that older systems are known to be as low as 56% efficient, while newer ones can get close to 90% efficiency.


That being said, it’s also good to note that some centralized systems can work better with thermostat adjustment compared to others. So, having a central HVAC might be the way to go for most homeowners here.


Most experts will tell you that your best choice is to buy heating units consisting of furnaces and boilers. Furnaces use a heat exchanger while burning fuel to generate heat and then distribute it throughout the home’s various rooms through individual heat registers. The air is then recirculated through the grilles and return duct system.  To know for certain, have a furnace repair Denver CO professional out to analyze your current HVAC system and provide an upgraded solution.