End of Season Check for Your Cooling System

HVAC Fall Maintenance Checklist

If your cooling system has worked hard from the end of spring to fall to maintain the thermal comfort of your home, it surely deserves some of your care and attention before you turn it off until the weather starts to warm next year. Here are some of the tasks that you should see to:

  • All-around cleaning – the internal unit as well as the components installed outdoors need to be cleaned before the cooling unit is put to sleep. Clean the ducts and the filters as well and remove the disposable filters;
  • Protect the external unit – after cleaning the exterior unit, figure out how you can best protect it from the elements until you turn it on the next year. Devise covers to prevent rain, snow and debris, such as dried leaves, feathers and dust from getting into your unit and to prevent clogging;
  • If necessary, call a specialist – end of season HVAC Denver CO maintenance is just as important as maintaining your unit before you turn it on for the first time the following year. If you don’t feel comfortable handling the process yourself, call a technician to do it professionally – such checking and maintenance services are very useful and they are also very affordable.