Does Your Gas Furnace Need Maintenance This Winter?

If Your Answer Is Yes

Any system used for heating during the winter needs regular inspections and maintenance from a professional furnace repair Denver CO company. Gas furnaces are no exception, considering that we must eliminate any possibility of carbon monoxide buildup or hazardous natural gas leakage. Not to mention that we need a fully functional system to provide us the comfort we need during the cold months of the year.

Here is a list of maintenance operations to do this winter.

Check the air filter

Air filters frequently get clogged and, as a result, the furnace overheats and ultimately shuts off. Make sure to change your filters in time, to avoid such problems.

Check the thermostat

In winter, the thermostat must be set to the “heat” function and the temperature has to be set a bit higher than you want it in your home.

Check the intake and exhaust pipes

A critter, a bird or ice buildup can block these pipes, so take them apart and clean them.

Check for blocked air return

Sometimes, you may notice that some rooms remain colder than others. In this case, you must check the cold-air returns; they are likely blocked and the air remains cold because it cannot return to the furnace to be reheated.


If you are not comfortable with doing these operations on your own, it is best to leave them to a pro.