Does Location Matter When Installing Air Conditioning In Your Home?

AC Unit On Side Of Home Out Of ViewYes, location is very important when installing your air conditioning.

Position of the internal unity

The air conditioner must provide a uniform air flow in the room where it is installed. Therefore, the location of the unit must be at an optimum height for cooling/ heating the space as quickly as possible. However, the air flow must not be directed to the occupants of the room, as it may cause allergic reactions, colds or discomfort. Specialists also recommended mounting the unit at a distance of 5-10 cm from the ceiling.

Location of the external unit

This must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, of which a local air conditioning Denver technician will know. It is important that installation is performed by professionals, who know how to properly place the unit on the outside wall, near the window, without obstructing it and providing adequate access for interventions.

When it is possible, air conditioning manufacturers recommend installing the outdoor unit at relatively small distances from the ground, or on a flat surface (a flat roof, for example).

The condensate drain line must be clean and also correctly positioned.

By respecting these requirements, you ensure the efficiency of the air conditioner and you also reduce energy consumption.