Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Outdated Appliances?

Furnace Repair Covered Under Home Owners Insurance

Homeowner insurances may cover some appliances that stop working because of certain types of damage, but these are mostly build-ins, such as water heaters or furnaces. For most other appliances, you only benefit from their warranty – which can be standard or extended, depending on what you have opted initially. However, even in this case, some parts of the appliances may be excluded from the warranty and you may end up paying good money good money for repair.

Also, if an appliance for which you would normally get compensation from your insurer breaks because of old age or poor maintenance, you are most likely on your own. Insurances and warranties typically cover only inadequate products and defects caused by natural disasters or accidents that were not caused by the owner.

If you are not sure about what exactly is covered by your policy, you should talk to your agent. Maybe he/ she will also be able to suggest you a type of policy that provides at least some coverage for your appliances, if you really need it. But generally, the best thing is to use your appliances carefully and responsibly, according to the manufacturer`s indications and to schedule regular furnace repair Denver CO maintenance, as this is the best way to increase their lifespan.