Does Air Duct Cleaning Really Help Increase the Lifespan of Your Furnace and AC System?

Cleaning Air Ducts Is Important

A lot of people think that ignoring air duct cleaning tasks is not that bad. After all, if the HVAC or AC unit is still working, why would you want to spend a lot of money on a service just so they can tell you that and perform a task that seems so useless? Unfortunately, things are never as “black and white” as all that.


You don’t always know when your furnace or AC unit will stop functioning, and unfortunately, one of the many factors that could lead to its demise is that of having dirty air ducts. If the air ducts that circulate the air throughout your home are dirty, then it stands to reason that the machine will have to pump air a lot harder to get to the desired results.


Since modern day HVAC systems regulate their output automatically based on how abrupt the temperature change may be, it stands to reason that a dirty air duct will cause them to use up more energy and fuel, and ultimately put the entire system under tremendous strain.


The answer is to clean your air ducts regularly. You should definitely consider it as part of your annual maintenance plan, and definitely do it at least twice a year (once before winter and once before summer), in order to make sure you can extend the life span of your furnace and AC as much as possible.  Consult a heating and air conditioner Denver professional to set up a maintenance schedule.