Does A Programmable Thermostat Really Save You Money?

smart home digital thermostat programmable hvac contractor installed

A programmable thermostat is a digital unit used for controlling the interior temperature based on a series of settings selected by the residents, including the time when the heating or the cooling should turn on and the desired temperature in the rooms. The decision to install a digital thermostat is likely to improve the thermal comfort in your rooms, but that is not the only major benefit of the advanced digital solution – according to energy experts, a programmable thermostat can reduce the energy used for keeping the temperature in your rooms at comfortable levels, thus reducing your overhead expenses as well. Here is how:

  • Temperature adjustments for unoccupied spaces – a large portion of heating and cooling bills goes to maintaining the temperature high or low in spaces that are not used. Setting your thermostat to keep the temperature at a certain level in the space where you sleep and at a different level in the spaces where there is no one at night will lower your energy bills quite significantly;
  • Determining when the heating or cooling should turn on and off – defining the temperature range for your thermostat is also a great way to save money. That way, you can always come home to a comfortably warm or cool home without wasting energy on heating or cooling your home when there is nobody home.  Talk with an HVAC contractor Denver hosts to find out how to upgrade to a programmable thermostat, and start saving.