Do You Need to Cover Your Air Conditioner for the Winter Months?

winter cover air conditioning unit

There is much talk about the idea of covering an air conditioner Denver area during the winter months. Many people believe that covering it is essential to keeping your unit working properly, and that debris and dirt can find its way in through the outdoor installation and venting system, if it’s not properly covered.


While this is true, and numerous experts believe that an AC unit can retain not only its efficiency but also its shiny appearance while being covered for the entire season, there are also a few important issues and considerations that we have to mention.


First, if you forget to uncover it, you might cause significant damage to your AC. From trapping moisture inside to someone unknowingly turning the unit on and causing substantial damage, the number of possible concerns goes on. Depending on where you live, a covered, warm area like that can also become a preferred hiding place for rats and other pests.


Most experts will recommend that, if you cover your AC, it’s important to do it in such a way that you won’t permit pests to make their way inside, making sure that the cover seals off all holes. Also, it’s a good idea to disconnect the unit from the outdoor voltage source during the winter. That way, you are actually forced to go outside and remember to remove the cover while reconnecting the AC unit in the spring.