Do You Have to Replace Your Venting System When You Get a New AC?

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HVAC installation, particularly pertaining to air conditioning systems, can be a difficult job to say the least. In some cases, not only do you have to get a new AC unit, but you might also need to get your entire venting system replaced as well.


Sometimes that’s an actual necessity. In larger homes, office buildings, factories and commercial buildings, an appropriate venting system will usually be required because the system saves power using a central HVAC. However, that’s not always the case for all buildings, and there are cases when the venting system doesn’t have to be replaced for other reasons:


  • First, if the vents are fine as they are, your AC experts won’t touch them. Even if you’re installing a new type of AC, they will usually find a workaround to deal with any compatibility issues.
  • If there are compatibility problems that can’t be solved (such as the need for a larger volume of air), then the old venting system will have to go.
  • Your vents might be rusty and broken, or they could require some heavy maintenance work. In such cases, your Denver air conditioning repair experts at Pasterkamp of Denver will have to decide whether the damage is enough to warrant a complete replacement.