Do You Have to Cover Your AC Unit to Protect It from Snowfall?

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A lot of people still think that covering up the AC unit in the winter is necessary. However, this isn’t generally so. While it seem like a cover could protect the unit’s internal parts from the snow and the cold, there is a far greater problem: the buildup and trapping of moisture inside.


Covers cannot protect an AC unit from condensation and moisture. Also, in many cases, before the winter even arrives, rainfall will lead to the unit already having moisture inside. If it’s not covered up, then the moisture can dry out as precipitation ends and the wind blows through it. However, if you do cover your AC, the added moisture and warmth can attract pests, lead to mold and rust, and of course a hefty repair bill in the springtime.


Another reason why covering your AC isn’t a good idea is because you might start it off in the spring with the cover still on. In such cases, you can end up damaging the unit irreparably, if it’s left on for a long enough time.


Many of the Denver air conditioning experts will tell you if you ask them: your AC unit is robust and designed to withstand the elements quite well. As a result, there is absolutely no need to cover it during the winter just to protect it from low temperatures and snow fall.