Do HVAC Contractors Offer Warranty for Their Work?

Quality HVAC contractor warranty work

You have just purchased and installed an A/C unit or a furnace. The contractor’s team left and you breathe a sigh of relief: now everything is alright and your house will always have the perfect temperature. But did you get a certificate of warranty from the HVAC contractor?


The Importance of HVAC Installation Warranty

This is one aspect which many homeowners neglect. The warranty for a furnace is a complex issue. It should cover both manufacturing and installation. The manufacturing warranty comes with the equipment itself, and is issued by its producer.


However, it does not cover any malfunction which may occur due to low quality installation. If there is any issue with the connections in the ductwork or to the gas and electricity lines, the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover the repair work.


Always Ask the Contractor to Provide Warranty

Thus, before you hire a HVAC contractor Denver area to install your A/C or heating system, ask what kind of warranty they offer for the workmanship. This is the only way you can be sure that poor installation issues will be fixed free of cost for you. A contractor that is not willing to stand by their work and offer warranty is not to be trusted with your expensive equipment.