Do Denver HVAC Companies Offer COVID Disinfecting Services?

Indoor Air Quality

In light of the global pandemic, many homeowners are striving to find any way to keep their family safe. One of the issues they worry about is their A/C system blowing COVID into their homes in Denver. Thus, they wonder whether HVAC companies can also perform COVID disinfecting services together with regular maintenance.


Here is what you need to know Denver HVAC services:

  1. You Need to Hire a Specialized Company for Disinfection

HVAC companies do not perform COVID disinfection, because they do not have the experience, disinfectant solutions and licensing to perform this service. You need to contact a specialized company that deals with biological decontamination.


  1. HVAC Companies Strive to Provide Safe Services

Your HVAC company will do its best to protect you and your family whenever you call a technician for repair or maintenance works. They test their employees on a regular basis and use all safety precautions recommended by the CDC.


  1. COVID Is Not Likely to Enter Your Home through the AC System

According to a specialist in infectious diseases at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, COVID is unlikely to enter your home through the air flow blown by the AC system. A slight risk exists, but it is limited.