DIY Tips For Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

how to clean air conditioning repair

Air conditioning units accumulate a lot of dust and dirt because a part of their job is to clean the air in the room, not just cool it. And even if you are a careful owner who calls an air conditioning repair technician for periodic maintenance, you can still do more to keep your A/C unit clean and in good working condition.


Here are a few simple DIY tips to clean your air conditioner:


  1. Use the Vacuum Cleaner

When you are vacuuming the carpets, remember the indoor A/C unit, as well. A few seconds of vacuuming over the surface will clean it. However, you should note that this method is not sufficient, as it does not perform deep cleaning.


  1. Use an Air Compressor

An air compressor with a nozzle will work wonders for your air conditioner. In a few moments, you will be able to remove dust and dirt lodged inside the unit, even in hard to reach areas.


  1. Change and Clean the Filters

A/C filters are consumable parts – they need to be replaced every once in a while. What’s more, remember to clean the filters periodically, as well. To access them, remove the front casing of the indoor unit and you will see the filters. Remove them and use a soft brush to clean the dust and dirt.