Determining if Your AC Unit Is Ready for the Summer Heat

Air Conditioning Units

If you have an older air conditioning unit, you might be unsure of whether or not it’s ready for the summer. While it’s not always a good idea to worry, your worries might be based on fact in this instance, and it’s always best to be prepared, rather than having to go around looking for someone to install a brand new (and expensive) unit for you in the scorching heat.


To prevent your AC unit from breaking down under a lot of load this summer, follow these tips:


  • Start by checking the AC system to see if it works. Power it up, shut the doors and windows, and see how it works and what it sounds like. Do this well before the summer heat starts to be felt.
  • Even if your AC works relatively well, it’s always safer to check the basic systems, see if it overheats, and do some basic maintenance. Power it down, and open it up to check the condenser.
  • The best maintenance advice is to start by cleaning the area around the condenser and removing any unwanted debris, dust or whatever else you might find. This will allow your unit to work more easily and without as much power consumption.
  • Check all the vents and make sure they aren’t blocked by carpeting or debris.
  • Use a refrigerant leak repair kit to fix any leaks you might discover. Small leaks can easily be fixed this way, and you can ask your local air conditioning repair Denver contractor for assistance, if you feel using the kit is too difficult.