Denver AC Repair and Maintenance Tips for Preserving the Life of Your AC

preventive maintenance ac repair tips

In Denver, AC repair and maintenance can be very important before and during the summer months. Failing to keep up with the most important maintenance tasks could easily cut your unit’s lifespan short.


Outdoor AC units will usually need a lot of maintenance, because most of their main elements are outside, and they can be affected by excess dirt and debris. The safest way to work on maintaining your outdoor AC is to first power it up and then check for parts that need to be cleaned. Clear any debris that could end up clogging the unit, and clean the small metal fins that have the task of protecting the condenser coil. The fins might also have to be checked for damage and straightened if needed. Also, make sure you check for sun damage on the insulation that protects the coolant pipes.


For indoor AC units, it’s very important to keep track of certain elements that can be affected by dirt and water damage over time. The drain hose is constantly filled with moisture and water, and it can be a place where mold forms fairly easily. As such, it’s a good idea to check it and clean it as often as possible. Another tip is to have check for leaks and to make sure that the filter is replaced frequently enough. A dusty filter will not only impair the air quality in your room but also make your AC work harder than it should.