Cool off with an outdoor escape!

With summer in full swing here in late July, you might be tempted to post up next to your AC and never leave. It seems like even when we get the afternoon cloud cover the temperatures are still in the 90s and even a short walk outside can be uncomfortably hot. We are fortunate here to have some unique options to get outside and cool off even when it is 100 degrees out.

Sick of the heat? 9 places you can go to cool off

St Mary’s Glacier

Those who are missing the snow can get their fix by taking a short hike up to St. Mary’s Glacier. Outside of Idaho Springs, the trailhead is less than an hour from Denver. It’s a quick 1.5-mile round trip to the beautiful lake and glacier great for year-round snowball fights and sledding.

Cave of the Winds

Located outside of Colorado Springs, about an hour south of Denver, the vast, complex caverns were discovered in 1881 by brothers exploring the area. And a tour inside the caves is a perfect activity on a hot day: they stay about 54 degrees no matter the temperature outside. 

Mt Evans

About an hour and half drive to the summit from Denver, it’s a fairly quick escape from the summer heat. And being on top of a 14er does cool you off pretty quickly. The temperature at the top is typically 20-35 degrees cooler than in the city. And you will probably even get to see a few mountain goats!

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Escape to these places and cool off but remember if your home is too hot Pasterkamp Heating and Air can repair or replace your AC and get your home cool again!