Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Should Be More Frequent Than Residential Maintenance

commercial building ac repair hvac unit outside

Maintenance and Denver AC repair work is necessary on a regular basis if you want your HVAC to work properly. This is especially true for large air conditioning systems that are associated with warehouses, office buildings, factories, manufacturing plants and shopping malls.


Why do these AC systems need more maintenance than your common residential HVAC? It’s simple: because they are much larger and more complex, and there’s a lot that could go wrong. The vent system should be checked regularly to ensure that there are no unwanted holes or that they’re not clogged. The air is recirculated more intensely, and there’s a lot more dust and debris in such a large open space, than there is in a residential home. So the filters need to be replaced on a frequent basis as well.


Your AC also needs to be checked for subtle problems and since the repair work for commercial AC is more expensive, it pays to use preventive maintenance to avoid long turnaround times and hefty repair costs.


If you think ahead, plan your budget properly and hire a dependable commercial HVAC specialist, you’ll find that even with the additional, frequent repairs, the maintenance and repair work that you will have to do on your HVAC will not harm your business at all.