Choosing The Right AC Unit For A New Construction Project

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Air-conditioning units are a lot more energy-efficient than they used to be ten years ago. At the same time, they can carry warranties for as long as five years.

Because many stores offer big discounts before summer, you can save up to 10-25% if you buy an AC unit off-season. The unit should be neither too large, not too small for the space it is used on. In fact, it is essential to determine the exact size of the AC, based on the cooling needs for a specific space. Apparently, AC units are sized depending on their cooling capacity, which is expressed in Btu/hour.

Choosing the size of the AC unit depends on the insulation levels, sun exposure, the purpose of the room, and other variable conditions.

Another important issue to consider before buying an AC is energy-efficiency. This can easily be done, because manufacturers have been urged by federal government to list the energy rating straight on the unit. The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) represents the cooling capacity as divided by the electrical power which is necessary to make the unit work.

For more recent AC models, the only maintenance work you need to do is cleaning the filter in front of the intake vents.  For complete HVAC maintenance and cleaning, go to