Checking Your HVAC for Maintenance Issues: Is Annual Furnace Maintenance Truly Required?

Pasterkamp predictive Furnace Repair Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is a serious issue in most parts. As winter slowly creeps in, it’s usually best to be more cautious and consider having your furnace inspected for any issues. Annual furnace maintenance is recommended by most HVAC specialists, although there isn’t necessarily a rule that says you absolutely have to have it. Still, there are a few good reasons why you should definitely consider it:


  1. Even the best and newest furnaces can have technical problems and break down when you least expect them. If that happens during some of the coldest periods of winter, you and your family might need to work fast to find alternative heating methods and call on local HVAC experts – as well as pay them more – to provide you with emergency repairs.
  2. Inspections could uncover issues with your ducts or insulation, which although are not directly associated with your HVAC, can still play an important role in minimizing its efficiency. For instance, poorly insulated homes can lead furnaces to have to work overtime just to maintain a normal temperature. If your thermostat is on a higher setting, the furnace might not be able to handle the extra work for very long, before breaking down.
  3. Annual maintenance is also good for checking on those unexpected issues that seem small at first, but can end up causing serious damage once the furnace is powered up. Some of them, like  leaky gas pipes, can even be extremely dangerous, so these will be addressed first by HVAC experts from