Can You Have Your Air Conditioner Disinfected for COVID-Free Air?

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One thing that the COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us is that you can’t really be too careful. When you’re trying to run a business, that phrase is more accurate than ever, and many experts will actually recommend that you pay special attention to how your HVAC is working especially when the weather is getting warm and you’ll basically be using your AC non-stop.


Now, depending on the quality of the air filters you’re using the AC might not be able to retain all small particles like COVID, so if that’s the case you can end up recirculating them throughout your office or building each and every time you turn on your AC. This can be dangerous, as you can’t guarantee your workers that the air they’re breathing is COVID-free, and they could be exposed just about every time they walk in through the door.


The best way to counteract this issue is by having your air conditioner completely disinfected and replacing your old filters. Once you got rid of the old ones, buy HEPA filters that are rated among the best for removing airborne particles that are as small as 1 micrometer in size. That way you can make sure that, even if the virus is present in your building, it will be effectively removed from the air.  For a complete system cleaning look to