Can Older Homes Be Equipped With The Latest Smart HVAC Devices?

older home switching to smart hvac devices

Old homes have a particular charm. Their architecture is more elaborated than that of new buildings. They hold memories from childhood. But they are also expensive to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Their equipment uses older technology which consumes a lot of energy. So, can you remove them and replace them with modern smart HVAC Denver CO devices?


Here are the main factors you need to keep in mind:


  1. Update the Home Wiring System

The first issue you need to worry about is the electrical panel and wiring. Older homes still have 110-volt, 6-amp panels, which are severely undersized for new HVAC equipment. Moreover, you may even have the old and unreliable knob and tube wiring system, which is prone to surges and electrical fires. Thus, your first task it to have your wiring system checked and updated, as applicable.


  1. Evaluate the Available Space

Older buildings do not have designated space for ductwork, because it did not exist at the time when they were erected. Thus, you have two options: having ductwork running visibly through your house, or choosing retrofit systems, which take up little space. These are the mini-split systems or the high-velocity HVAC systems,


  1. Consider the Cost

Smart technology has its cost. Smart technology with minimal ductwork has a premium cost. The typical price of a high-velocity HVAC system to heat and cool an entire old house is between $8,000 and $10,000. Thus, you need to balance your budget with your air conditioning needs very carefully.