Can HVAC Companies Help With Clean Air To Fight Against Covid?

HVAC systems contractors inspecting

It is a commonly known fact that proper usage of HVAC filters can help reduce the spread of airborne contaminant elements such as viruses, at least in small areas or inside buildings. However, just by itself, the act of using air filtration systems cannot possibly eliminate the risk of Covid spread-other practices must also be followed, namely the ones recommended by public health agencies: wearing a mask, keeping the physical distance, etc. If it is part of the whole deal, a HVAC system can certainly do a lot to help against the transmission of this disease.

In order to be able to remove viruses, an air cleaner should be capable of removing tiny particles, in the size of 0.1-1 um. It is the manufacturers who typically refer to this special capacity in several different ways. In this respect, we could mention the fact that many manufacturers use a special rating system, i.e. the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) in order to rate a system’s cleaning performance.

In the case of buildings such as work offices or other job-related areas, you may supplement the already-existing HVAC systems with portable air cleaning devices. The air should be directed in such a way so as not to blow straight from one person to the other.  The HVAC contractors Denver employs are up to date with the latest in HVAC systems and should be consulted for best HVAC performance.