Can Home Air Filtrations Systems Help To Eliminate Covid From The Air?

HVAC Home Air Breathing Eliminate Germs

According to latest research in the field, Covid is more spread through the breathed air than through the infected surfaces. As a consequence, the air purifiers’ market has recently boomed as well as the need for a qualified HVAC Contractor Denver area.

The technologies behind air filtration can fall into several categories, including ultraviolet disinfection, air filtration, catalytic oxidation and electrical ionization. Although many of these technologies have been available for tens of years, it is not completely clear whether they actually are efficient against Covid.

The most common practice to capture the airborne virus is through air filtration. Many devices are based on HEPA filters, which are also known as high-efficiency particulate air filters. These filters can be traced back to World War II, namely to the gas masks which were used back then. Ultraviolet light is another tool used for eliminating viruses.

In order to benefit from all these technologies, some companies or institutions have simply made a selection from all of them. Although it can be highly efficient and powerful, a home air filtration system could not protect someone without wearing a mask, from another mask-less, infected person sitting in his/her close proximity. Therefore, the basic hygiene rules must be observed at all times to prevent the spread of this infamous disease.