Can Hail Damage My AC Unit?

hail damage air conditioner questions

Hail can damage most surfaces if the ice is large enough, and the damage can be more than just cosmetic. After a severe storm, if you notice that your air conditioner is not running as efficiently as it used to, it might have got hail damage.

Considering that an exterior AC unit has a metallic housing, you should be able to notice dents (which is a common sign of hail damage on metal surfaces), as well as flattening of the fins. If you are lucky, the damage will stop here. In the case of more severe hail storms, hail may also hit the metal slats, which direct the airflow. These slats are thin, easy to be damaged – and when this thing happens, air flow will be restricted, the ability of the AC to transfer heat is reduced and the equipment will work harder, resulting in wear and tear, as well as high energy consumption.

Hail can also dent the fan motor and blades. As a consequence, they will start wobbling, which will cause extensive damage over time. If a blade is more severely damaged (cracked or bent), the system may even shut down.

When you suspect that something is not quite right with your AC after a hailstorm, contact an expert air conditioner Denver repair technician to have it inspected and restored.