Best Months to Cut Back on Your Heating and Cooling Bills

End Of Spring And Summer For Turning Off AC And Getting Repair

Energy-related expenses make about half of monthly household expenses. While heating is something that you cannot live without in winter and cooling is also essential if you want to maintain the comfort of your home, each year has several months when you can cut back on heating and cooling bills:

  • The end of spring – when temperatures reach comfortable levels and those comfy temperatures are maintained, too, it is time to turn off or to turn down your heaters. Try to use the heaters only when it gets really cold – compensate for the lower interior temperatures wearing warm clothes, don’t worry, summer will be here soon with hot days;
  • The end of summer – the end of the summer, when the heat subsides, is the next period when you can reduce your energy bills. Turn your air conditioner down or off when you don’t need cooling that much or at least reduce the amount of time when your AC is running. On hot days, try to use other cooling methods, such as closing the blinds or the shutters. You can also use the lower night-time temperatures to your advantage, keeping the windows open at night and closing them for the day to keep cooler air in.  End of summer is also a great time to have a professional air conditioning repair Denver technician do a complete inspection and repair.