Are There Any Steps to Ensure You’ll Have Clean Air for Your Business During COVID?

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Getting fresh air into your building can be very important, especially if you own a larger commercial building that makes use of multiple HVAC units or a large central heating and Denver air conditioning installation. As the COVID pandemic continues on, you might find your way in need of upgrades to make sure that you can get fresh air to circulate properly throughout your building, and that any allergens or smaller particles (yes, even viruses) can be easily removed from the air.


While disinfecting surfaces works well, you also have to make sure you can eliminate particles that linger through the air such as various allergens and, of course, the dreaded SARS-CoV-2 virus. To do that, you’ll need the support and assistance of a professional HVAC espert. They will inspect your HVAC system, suggest improvements or repairs, and get to work on the advanced maintenance.


In many cases, they will also recommend special HVAC filters that can help reduce any unwanted airborne contaminants including COVID-19. High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that are CADR-rated and known to be able to remove particles that range below 1 um in size are the ideal choice for replacing your existing air filters.


Additionally, you can call on your HVAC specialists to help you set up and use portable air cleaners with HEPA filters. Although these devices are typically designed for homes, they are also frequently used or adapted for larger spaces such as offices and commercial spaces, to ensure the improved removal of airborne particles.