Are Room Heaters Safe?

Temporary Room Heater Ask HVAC Contractor If Safe

Room heaters are great solutions to heat a space quickly, which makes them great to enhance the heating function of  a HVAC system and even replace it, if needed. These appliances still have a bad reputation, because in the past, they used to be considered unsafe and they must not be left unattended.

Although leaving a home appliance turned on when you are not home is still a bad idea, there are certified modern room heaters designed to be safe. They have safety features such as automatic shutoff, adjustable thermostat, timer and tip over protection. However, you should also follow some common sense rules to be safe, like keeping the heater on safe and inflammable surface, away from flammable materials and installing a  smoke detector in your home. Additionally, you should use a grounded outlet and not use the heater to dry your clothes This way, your room heater will be safe even if you leave it on all night to stay warm. Ensure that the plug is safely connected and does not come lose.

Modern space heaters are not just safer to use than old models; they also incorporate new technologies that make them more energy efficient.  At best, the services of an HVAC Contractor Denver supplies should be requested to maintain your space with the right heating.