Are Rebates Available With A Newer HVAC System?

commercial contractor working HVAC system

The cost of an HVAC system is not the only element to consider when choosing a new one. Costs in daily operation (fuel consumption, energy, etc.) costs with subsequent maintenance (service, spare parts, interventions), efficiency (installation efficiency), noise level, availability of spare parts, professionalism and communication speed of the supplier, all these elements must be weighed in the choice made by any beneficiary.

However, if the upfront costs are particularly worrying for you, you should know that you can benefit from rebates. Power companies and the Government itself want you to be efficient, so they encourage efficient equipment, designed to reduce power consumption. And, since new HVAC systems are more efficient than old systems, customers are encouraged to purchase them through incentives that come in the form of rebates, tax deductions or tax credits. Depending on your geographic location, as well as the type of HVAC system you purchase, you can get $1,000 per system and even more. Rebates are typically tied to performance and efficiency ratings of the HVAC system measured by Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating in the US.

So, when you consider replacing your HVAC system with a new one, a higher efficiency system from Pasterkamp will bring you more valuable incentives.