Air Duct Cleaning And How It Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality

HVAC Company Air Duct Cleaning

Dust, mold and pollen that are constantly circulating through the air can decrease air comfort and even cause naughty allergies in people who live or work in that space. Sometimes, as shocking as it may sound, indoor air can be up to 70% more polluted than the air outside. Do not risk any health issues for you or the others and schedule periodically air duct cleaning operations.

The benefits of cleaning air ducts

Whether you want to improve the air quality in the room, save money on energy or ensure a cleaner and healthier work environment for your employees, cleaning the ventilation ducts can make a significant difference in the environment indoors. Air duct cleaning brings the following benefits:

  • Better health of people who live or work in the building
  • Removal of symptoms related to poor air quality (allergies, cough and sneezing)
  • Increased productivity
  • Low costs of health care
  • Increased efficiency of your HVAC system

Cleaning the air ducts removes accumulated dust and debris, which eases the airflow and increases system efficiency. Follow these signs that suggest it is time to call a professional:

  • Your system`s air ducts are contaminated with dust, spider webs and other debris accumulated in time
  • Mold and dead insects are visible on the inner surfaces of the ducts

If you see any of these signs, or it has been a long while since the last cleaning of the air ducts, call a specialist, start with!