How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Repairs Most Efficiently

Save Money On Repair Costs

The prospect of saving money on AC repairs might seem straightforward, but with so many issues coming up with older units these days, most people no longer trust a cheaper HVAC service to take care of everything. However, is it really a solution to just throw money at the problem? In most cases no, and here is why:


  1. Your AC is a complex system that requires regular maintenance and needs people who actually know what they’re doing. Failing to do your research about what is needed could spell disaster. However, if you know how to spot an experienced technician, then you’re already one step closer to a lower repair and maintenance bill this year.
  2. Find air conditioning repair Denver technicians in your local area. In some cases, people look for services in the big city hoping they’ll offer better options. However, this isn’t the case, even if big city technicians charge you more.
  3. Learn to do some of the DIY work yourself. Changing the air filter will not take as much time, energy or expert knowledge as you might think. Also, you can even learn to clean the ducts yourself and do a quick assessment. It’s only the more complex issues that will warrant the need for an expert.


Following these simple tips should help you get the most out of any AC repair and maintenance service you contact. Also, you’ll be more efficient at being able to tell which technicians know what they’re doing and which ones are just using big words in hopes of impressing you.

How to Really Get Your Home Ready for Warmer Weather

Keep Your Home Cool As Warm Weather Approaches

Having problems with keeping your home cool as warmer days are on the horizon? The following tips should help you not only in keeping the temperature in check, but also in doing so on a lower budget than most of your neighbors could:


  • Start by installing a basic set of blackout curtains to keep the sunlight out of rooms that you don’t use. If you don’t use your bedroom at all during the day, for instance, you can simply install the blinds there after keeping the window open in the morning or keeping your AC system going. They will keep the heat out, so your AC doesn’t have to work too hard later on, when you go to bed.
  • Another great tip is to set up additional insulation in your home, especially in your attic. Short from actually installing a brand new cool roof, added insulation will keep your home cool longer, and prevent your HVAC from working overtime.
  • Find a Denver AC repair technician to take a look at your ductwork and air-conditioning unit. Whether the coils need cleaning or the air filters need replacing, they will make sure your system works at peak efficiency, and you don’t have to pay as much on your next electric bill.

How to Keep Your Basement at the Right Temperature This Summer

Comfortable Basement Climate

The first thing to do to make sure that the temperature in your basement is always comfortable is to insulate it – installing the right type of insulation will ensure that your room has proper ventilation and air temperature inside stays within a certain range. However, when it gets extremely hot outside, even well-insulated basement rooms need some extra action – here are a few things that you can:

  • Use a small stand-alone air conditioner – these small devices are great for cooling down relatively small spaces as well as for keeping them cool for a longer amount of time. All you need to turn on your unit is a power supply and an opening such as a door or a window to allow the unit to vent through its hose;
  • Use a fan – both box fans and ceiling fans are great for basement rooms. They are efficient, they don’t take up too much space and they will not ruin the design of your room;
  • If your basement has windows, install some blinds or drapes on them. Keep the windows open during the night, then shut them early in the morning and close the blinds until the temperature outside cools down in the evening.

If you currently have AC in your home, be sure to have a Denver AC repair person conduct an annual maintenance, to ensure your whole home stays cool for those hot summer days.

How to Keep Cool Air in This Summer

Keeping Cool In The Summer Heat

Keeping cool air inside is essential for the comfort of your household in summer, so here are a few tips how to have comfortably cool rooms without hiking energy bills when it is scorching outside:

  • Use drapes individually or to aid the work of your air conditioner – turn off the AC in the evenings and keep your windows open during the night, then shut them and close the drapes early in the morning, especially in the rooms that get lots of sunshine during the day. The fresh air that gets in during the night will stay fresh and cool in your darkened rooms and you will be able to reduce the time you need the AC running, keep in contact with an HVAC contractor Denver has available for seasonal maintenance;
  • Use a ceiling fan – another method that you can use either individually or to help the AC. Ceiling fans only move the air, they don’t cool it, but they are great units that refresh the atmosphere in your rooms;
  • Check the areas around your doors and windows – if you notice any gaps between the walls and the openings, apply some caulk to seal the area, that way your home will become better insulated and less cool air will escape through unnoticed cracks and gaps.


Fun Ways to Decoratively Hide Your Air Conditioner

Painted AC Unit

Air conditioners are not very pretty – outdoor units are usually a bulky, dull-looking boxes and interior units don’t exactly qualify for wall decoration either. However, there is no reason why you should leave them looking like that – here are a few great, creative ways to hide your AC equipment:

  • Build a small house for the exterior unit – all you need is measuring tape, a pen, a few wood boards, some nails and some creativity to design and build a wood housing to cage that large, ugly metal box that disrupts your landscape;
  • Create a mosaic paravane – glue some pieces of colored shards of glass or old china to the two pieces of an old table top cut into half, then glue together the two halves to create a screen for the outdoor unit;
  • Turn the interior unit into art – a suitably sized piece of cardboard is perfect for unleashing your creativity. Paint it with your favorite colors, use lace or ribbons to add texture and variety, then fasten your work of art on the interior AC unit;
  • Turn the interior unit into a shelf – if the wall space around the unit permits it, create a piece of furniture that is a shelf on one side and has a slatted wood door that conceals the AC unit without blocking the way of the air.

Make sure that whatever method you choose that it allows for air conditioning repair Denver community contractors to access it easily when it is needed.

Tips for Saving Money on Air Conditioning Repairs

Tips On Saving Money

The air conditioner is probably among the most important appliances in your home, too – without it, the walls of your home heat up in no time, making the atmosphere in your room suffocating. The malfunction or the complete break-down of the air conditioner is among the appliance faults most dreaded among homeowners and not only because of the disruption caused by the downtime, but also because of the high repair costs. If you want to make sure your AC units lives as long as possible here are a few tips how you can save on HVAC Denver CO repairs:

  • Don’t force your air conditioner to work too hard – don’t set the temperature too low and turn the appliance off sometimes;
  • Regular maintenance – periodic inspections followed by preventive maintenance that includes cleaning the components of the appliance, the replacement of filters and other routine operations can ensure the proper, fault-free operation of the air conditioner for its entire lifespan;
  • Don’t let issues become worse – the strange noise that comes from your air conditioner, the rust or the water damage that you notice on your unit will not go away on their own, so the best thing you can do is to call a HVAC repair specialist right away, before the problem aggravates.

Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioner This June

Hot Summer Days

Summer is not only the time when we get out more and enjoy life more – it is also the time when we shut all the doors and windows tight and we turn the air conditioner on high. We rely strongly on our AC units to make sure the temperature inside our home is cool and comfortable and the air is sufficiently humid and completely free from germs and contaminants. Air conditioners work hard to ensure the comfort of our homes, but to be able to keep up the good work, they need to be properly maintained by a trained Denver AC repair contractor – here are some activities you need to do on them in June:

  • Remove the winter cover from the outdoor condenser unit, unplug it and clean it – remove all the debris that has accumulated in and around the condenser, clean the coil and the panels, then reconnect the unit and switch the thermostat to cooling mode;
  • Unplug and clean the furnace as well and replace the filters;
  • Check the air ducts for any leaks, loose connections and rust and reapply insulation where it is necessary.

Air conditioner maintenance probably sounds more difficult than it is in reality, but if you want to be sure it is done professionally, call a HVAC maintenance specialist to check your units – they provide excellent services of the kind for affordable rates.

Good Responsible Practices for Maintaining the Functionality of Your Air Conditioner Unit

Good Maintenance Practices

Is your air conditioner behaving poorly? Do you want to make sure that it works properly, that it clears warm air without a problem, and that it doesn’t need an AC repair Denver company to maintenance it to keep it going? There are a few simple practices you can consider to keep your AC unit working properly and avoid all those expensive electricity costs:


  • Avoid opening any of the doors or windows while the AC is on. It might seem all right to keep the door open for a little while, but that actually allows warm air to enter, and makes it harder for your AC to keep the temperature down.
  • Shut off the system after you leave the room. Many people tend to leave the AC on thinking they won’t be long, and then end up staying away from their rooms for hours. Unless you’re just going to fix yourself a sandwich or to visit the bathroom, it might be best to just turn it off for a while.
  • Avoid overusing your AC when you notice that it’s working too hard or that there’s a foul odor coming from it. This usually means that you have to do some maintenance work on it or call your local technicians to take a look and make sure it’s not too serious.

The Best Plants to Help You Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be improved a great deal if you use the right plants and flowers for the job says the experts with a Denver AC repair company, and avoiding burning paraffin candles. Some of the plants you can use for this purpose are as fragrant as they are beautiful, while others have rich, thick leaves that produce impressive quantities of fresh oxygen on a daily basis.


The red-edged dracaena is an evergreen plant that has impressive yellow or cream-colored leaves. Its small, white flowers and red-orange berries are beautiful to behold, and the plant itself is considered to be one of the best for removing various VOCs from the air, including formaldehyde, xylene and benzene.


The Devil’s Ivy is a popular plant that’s native to the Solomon Islands. Some of its most special qualities include evergreen vines, delightful, small, heart-shaped leaves and an impressive ability to clear the air of various pollutants. Some of these include trichloroethylene, benzene and, to a lesser extent, formaldehyde.


Finally, the snake plant is another popular indoor plant famed for its ability to refresh and improve air quality. The plant can endure lower amounts of light for longer periods, and it still prefers stronger light, so you won’t have trouble finding it a good place. Also, this plant is famed for being able to take care of airborne toxins like nitrogen oxide and xylene. However, make sure your pets don’t get too close to it, since it’s toxic when ingested.

If Goldilocks Lived in Colorado She Would Choose Pasterkamp to Keep Her Home ‘Just Right’

Turn on the heater. Crank the AC. Two things that every Coloradoan has said on the same day. It’s just a typical spring day here in our mile-high state. At Pasterkamp Heating and

Two things that every Coloradoan has said on the same day. It’s just a typical spring day here in our mile-high state. At Pasterkamp Heating and Air, we have a feeling this week is going to be one of those back-and-forth ones. We are here to make sure that your heater and air conditioner are working so no matter what the weather does your home will be just the right temperature. storm could dump more snow on Denver, Rocky Mountains A winter storm watch has been issued for much of the metro area — including Denver — as a powerful spring storm poised to clobber the mountains and foothills with feet of snow and drop several inches along the Front Range moves in.

The watch is in effect from Thursday evening through Friday afternoon and covers Fort Collins, Loveland, Arvada, Boulder, Golden, Lakewood, Longmont, Aurora, Brighton, Denver International Airport, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Parker and Castle Rock.

“Rain could change to snow early Thursday evening and continue into Friday afternoon,” said the watch, issued by the National Weather Service in Boulder. “Up to 12 inches (is) possible with the highest amounts near the foothills and over the Palmer Ridge.”

Natalie Sullivan, a weather service meteorologist, said between a trace and two inches of snow is expected at DIA. Downtown, up to 6 inches could fall “but most likely less than that,” she said.

“It varies significantly depending on the terrain,” Sullivan said. “Higher elevations are going to have more snow and lower elevations we’re thinking much less.”

Storm clouds will build over the Denver metro area Wednesday, when it could begin to sprinkle. Afternoon rain and thunderstorms are expected, according to the weather service. The high temperature is expected to be around 68 degrees.

The chance for rain Wednesday night is 80 percent, forecasters predict.

The chance for rain increases in the late afternoon Thursday and the evening as the storm builds momentum. Wind gusts up to 23 mph are anticipated.

There is a winter storm warning above 9,000 feet in effect between 6 p.m. Wednesday and 6 p.m. Friday.

Between a foot to 20 inches of snow is expected in the southern foothills, Sullivan said. The heavy wet snow could break tree limbs and cause power outages.

Overnight Wednesday into Thursday, temperatures will plummet by more than 20 degrees. The high on Thursday will only be around 46 degrees, the weather service says. There is a high probability of rain.

After midnight into Friday, snow is likely and will continue to fall through the morning. Winds could gust up to 30 mph on Friday. Snow will turn to rain Friday afternoon, the weather service says.

Snow could begin again Friday night.

Although there is a 10 percent chance for afternoon rain on Saturday, temperatures are expected to gradually rise. The high temperature on Saturday is expected to be around 55 degrees.

It will be mostly sunny with a high of 64 degrees on Sunday, forecasters predict. Temperatures will remain in the 60s on Monday and Tuesday, when there is a slight chance for rain each day.