Air Conditioning Unit Installation Process

air conditioner installation process complex

As summer temperatures are on the rise, a lot of people are buying mini-split air conditioning units. And some of them are wondering whether they could DIY the installation process.


We advise against it, as Denver air conditioning installation is a complex process, best left to trained technicians. It involves:


  1. Finding the Best Placement for the Indoor Unit

The technician will look at the room and determine the best place for the indoor unit. It cannot be hidden behind a curtain or piece of furniture, because it has to send the cool air flow throughout the entire room. The unit is installed using the plate provided by the manufacturer, high up on a wall.


  1. Creating a Hole for the Ductwork

The mini-split AC unit consists of an indoor and outdoor unit connected by ductwork and wiring. As it appears logical, you need a hole through the wall to pass the ductwork. A technician will find the best place for it to serve two purposes: create the shortest route for the wiring and be as unobtrusive as possible


  1. Installing the Outdoor Unit

In general, AC installation technicians will mount a metal cage on the wall and place the outdoor unit in it. There are several reasons for this:

  • The cage can be safely secured with large bolts into the wall
  • It will provide a flat, solid surface for the outdoor unit
  • It will protect the unit from mechanical shocks (hail, high winds, etc.).